Same Dark Clouds (samedarkclouds) wrote in expatriatedzulu,
Same Dark Clouds

I want to thank Mr. Sheets...

... for showing me the way.
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Fondle the naked sheep.

Nice icon. Dusting it off for abortiondebate?
Has he been writing anything new? Did he stop being Friends Only in his journal?
... still friends only. I am working on being his friend. hehe.
I would add him as a friend just to have that kind of communication exchange with him; but, I don't want him reading any of my protected entries... especially the ones that have made fun of him (although that hasn't happened in about a year).

natewillsheets isn't as much of an irrational, arrogant tard as he used to be. He's approachable and will discuss many issues, showing as much respect and consideration to your views as you do to his (and understand that it's a sliding scale).

belt0033, aelius, magdalene74, psurhiannon, filthy_lily, michaelmichael, and mary_shelley are amoungst the trophy winners for tard of the year.
really? DA has a different view, though I think I am sure that if you say these folks are worse... I will run with that.
natewillsheets used to be pretty bad. He was ignorant and thick as a rock. His communication skills were shit. He's getting better.